Summer of 2021
Greenland & Iceland

67 Free Shore Excursions
Regent   Seven   Seas   Cruises
Six-Star, Ultra-Luxury m/s NAVIGATOR
Enjoy a $400,   (Per Couple),   Shipboard Credit
International Business Class Air to the United States is Included

        5/31/21   New York City: EMBARKATION begins at 1:00 PM - DEPART 6:00 PM
        6/01/21   Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts ARRIVE 8:00AM - DEPART 5:00 PM
        6/02/21   Boston, Massachusetts: ARRIVE 7:00 AM --- DEPART 6:00PM
        6/03/21   Bar Harbor, Maine:     ARRIVE 8:00 AM --- DEPART 6:00 PM
        6/04/21   Saint John, New Brunswick:       ARRIVE 7:00 AM --- DEPART 3:00 PM
        6/05/21   Halifax, Nova Scotia: ARRIVE 10:00 AM --- DEPART 6:00 PM
        6/06/21   Sydney, Nova Scotia: ARRIVE 10:00 AM --- DEPART 6:00 PM
        6/07/21   Corner Brook, Newfoundland: ARRIVE 10:00 AM --- DEPART 7:00 PM
        6/08/21   Cruising the Labrador Sea
        6/09/21   Cruising the Labrador Sea
        6/10/21   Nuuk, Greenland:     ARRIVE 9:00 AM --- DEPART 6:00 PM
        6/11/21   Paamiut, Greenland ARRIVE 8:00 AM --- DEPART 5:00 PM
        6/12/21   Cruising Prince Christian Sound
        6/13/21   Cruising The Denmark Strait
        6/14/21   Isafjordur, Iceland: ARRIVE 9:00 AM --- DEPART 6:00 PM
        6/15/21   Reykjavik, Iceland: ARRIVE 8:00 AM --- Overnight
        6/16/21   Reykjavik, Iceland: DISEMBARKATION 10:00 AM

        International Business Class air is included.
        Domestic First Class air to NYC is available for an additional $699.
        Up to sixty-seven FREE shore excursions are included.
        Gratuities, premium spirits and boutique wines are included.
        Everyone will receive a $400 per stateroom shipboard credit.
        Your FREE pre-cruise hotel in NYC is included for categories “D” and above.


        Master Suite: “MS”            $26,299
        Grand Suite: “GS”             $22,299
        Navigator Suite: “NS”        $18,999
        Penthouse Suite “A”           $14,999
        Penthouse Suite “B”           $14,499
        Penthouse Suite “C”           $13,999
        Concierge Suite “D”           $13,399
        Deluxe Veranda Suite  “E” $12,699
        Deluxe Veranda Suite  “F” $12,299
        Deluxe Window Suite  “G” $10,399
        Deluxe Window Suite  “H” $  9,999
        Rates/itinerary are subject to change        

These are my photos from our last group cruise to Greenland, (top group), and Iceland, (lower group).


Reykjavík, Iceland's “Harpa” Concert Hall

The opening concert was held on May 4, 2011.   The structure consists of a steel framework clad with irregularly-shaped glass panels of different colors.

The building was originally part of a redevelopment of the Austurhöfn area dubbed World Trade Center Reykjavík, which was partially abandoned when the financial crisis took hold.   The completion of the structure was uncertain until the government decided in 2008 to fully fund the rest of the construction costs for the half-built concert hall.   It houses the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and The Icelandic Opera        

Reykjavik's Hofdi House is where President Reagan greeted Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev at the Reykjavik Summit - October 12, 1986 ~ hoping to abolish nuclear weapons and don't forget, across from Harpa, the world's greatest hot dogs!

Bæjarins beztu pylur ~ The world famous Reykjavík hot dogs known as Bæjarins beztu pylur, (which translates: "The Best Hot Dog in Town") are THE BEST IN THE WORLD! They are made with deep fried onions, Val's tomatatsosa (sweet ketchup), a yellow-orange-brown sweet mustard, and remola, a mayonnaise-based sauce with sweet relish.   2 for $5.00.